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 Raga Guitar

The Raga Guitar adds the capability to perform Indian Raga melodies to a standard six-string guitar.

The design is adapted to include 3 drone "chikari" strings, and 11 to 13 sympathetic "jawari" (buzzing) strings. These strings are tuned to the notes of the particular raga being performed; they resonate in sympathy to the notes as they are struck, and add a reverb-like effect. Standard violin pegs are used to tune the sympathetic strings; Perfection planetary pegs are a nice upgrade for tuning ease.

Scale Length 25 inches
Body Width 16 inches
Melody strings 6
Drone strings 3
Sympathetic strings 11-13


The Nautilauta is a highly unique instrument, including frets for several scale systems, a lattice braced soundboard with floating bridge, a large side soundport, and a reverse vaulted back. This design gives an acoustic resonance reminiscent of vintage reverb- the bass is expansive, the mid- and treble-ranges responsive, and the instrument has a huge dynamic range, all backed by a rich reverberance like nothing you've heard before.

The fretting system was designed by Eric Ederer to include positions for several tuning systems, including Persian Dastgah, Arabic maqam, Turkish makam, and just intonation. We are developing simplified fretting schemes favoring one or the other system, and the instrument could be adapted to standard chromatic frets, or any combination you desire.

Total Length 40 inches
Scale Length 680 mm
Width 16 inches
Depth at neck heel 4 inches
Depth at tailpiece 3 inches

 Micro Oud

The Micro Oud, or Oudolin, was built to incorporate the sound of an oud, with the range and scale length of a mandolin. A body style reminiscent of the German concert mandolin was utilized to provide for mid-range and bass warmth, mimicking the tone of an oud.

The instrument is fretless and nylon strung, to allow for microtones and oud-style picking. Side dots give locations for equal-tempered notes, and the octave is located at the body join. The soundboard is unfinished red cedar, as in traditional Turkish oud construction. The bowl is east indian rosewood, and the neck honduras mahogany. The tuners are geared planetary pegs. The instrument is also outfitted with an internal Countryman condenser microphone and K and K transducer.

Scale length 14 inches
Body Width 11 inches
Pegs Perfection Planetary
Bridge Rosewood

 Mahogany Kora

Traditional African koras feature a gourd resonator topped by goat skin, over which 21 strings are typically suspended on a vertical bridge. I built this specialized kora with a solid mahogany bowl-back, soundboard and handles, and neck with a figured maple centerstripe.

Built for an intuitive and ergonomically-sensitive percussionist, the instrument is fitted with dual piezo elements. Both the strings and the highly resonant body can be played, giving the player melodic and rhythmic tonal possibilities.

Body wood Honduras mahogany
Length 48
Width 14
Pegs Rosewood
Bridge Walnut


This unique instrument combines an original body design with a wooden top banjola layout. Red cedar top with walnut back and sides, and east indian rosewood trim. The fan inlays are crafted of myrtle and mahogany, and represent the fret number by the number of fan segments.

Commissioned by and built for a highly skilled clawhammer player, this instrument includes a frailing scoop, the recessed area of the fretboard on the body. It is strung with NylGut Minstrel banjo strings, which, combined with the red cedar top impart a very distinctive tone.

Scale length 22.5
Body length 16
Width 13.5 inches

 Cremonese Ukulele

This unique ukulele was built in the style of the cremonese mandolin of the early 19th century. With a bowl-back and 15" scale length, the layout is based on a concert ukulele with doubled courses. The bowl-back gives it a distinctly rich and reverberant sound, and the doubled-strings lends a mandolin-like sparkle to the tone. The soundboard is spruce and the back is walnut, with rosewood fretboard and ebony trim. The four doubled courses are tuned as a concert ukulele; the two lowest strings are doubled at the octave while the upper courses are tuned in unison.

The neck and hand cut celtic-knot pierced rosette are made from cherry wood.

Total Length 23 inches
Scale Length 15 inches
Width 8 inches
Bowl depth 4.75 inches
Soundboard Spruce
Bowl Black Walnut