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I create a variety of rosette designs using inlay techniques. Most often wood is the primary inlay material, but most types of shell and metal are available (please note: shell materials involve strict regulations and may not be available).

The rose insert is available for guitar, bouzouki, or oud. It adds a unique touch, and can be personalized with you design, signature, or initials.

Wood mosaic standard
Single M.O.P add $80
Double M.O.P. add $125
Pierced insert $200-$400


I enjoy striking and unusual inlay work, and I use a wide variety of materials including bone, M.O.P., abalone, other shell, metal, woods, and stone.

Per square inch $100

 Headstock and tuners

The headstock and tuning machines play an important role in the feel and tone of an instrument. Slotted headstocks are available as an option; Gotoh 510 machines are standard.

Gotoh 510 standard
Slotted add $150
Bound add $150
M.O.P. Bound add $225
Inlay $100/inch
Custom Robson machines add $500

 Bridge and tailpiece

Some players prefer bridge pins, being accustomed to resting the right hand on the pins. I also offer a pinless design. My handmade tailpieces are cut from very heavy gauge brass.

Pinned bridge standard
Pinless add $75
Inlaid add $125
Brass tailpiece standard
Pierced tailpiece add $175


I will add electronics to help amplify your acoustic instrument. I have worked with K and K, Countryman, LR Baggs, Fishman, and more. Inquire for prices